I love doing school and library visits!

If you’d like to have me talk to your students, here are some options. Short, virtual Q&A sessions are free—rates for longer visits (virtual/in-person/local/out of state) are available on request.

20 Minute Virtual Q&A

20 minutes, any age, smaller group

For this remote-only session, I’ll answer any questions about your students have about my books or writing in general.

The Whole Entire Truth About Writing (Abridged)

45-60 minutes, 3rd-8th grades, any size group

A presentation about the twisty path that my stories take on their way to becoming real books. Featuring: ways to have fun while writing, my secret* advice for getting better at anything, and the worst mistake I ever made when I worked in the cadaver lab.

*ok, not that secret

Book Club Visit

45-60 minutes, any age, smaller group

A conversation with readers about the themes of the book (and also about the process of writing it) focusing on either of my novels.

Workshop: How is a Cadaver Lab Like Writing a Book

45-60 minutes, 4th-8th grades, smaller group

I worked in a cadaver lab. Sometimes it was hard. Sometimes it was fun. I think the exact same things can be said about writing books. In this workshop, I lead students through writing exercises while drawing parallels to what goes on in a cadaver lab like the one in The Mortification of Fovea Munson.

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Drawing by Lucas A. in DC