The Stupendous Switcheroo

From Mary Winn Heider and Chad Sell…

What would happen if you woke up every single day with a different, surprise SUPERPOWER?!

The morning of his mom’s business trip, Switcheroo wakes up to discover he has telekinesis! It isn’t that hard for him to convince the family robot that he needs to go fight crime all day. But the next day, he wants to fight crime again–except that he has a very different power. And let’s just say, it is NOT great for fighting crime.

So if anybody has any ideas for how to convince a bunch of cats to stop a bank robbery, he is all ears.

And what’s going to happen tomorrow? A new superpower every day should be exciting, right? What could possibly go wrong?

Praise for The Stupendous Switcheroo

“While the innovative gadgets and superpowers that populate this madcap series starter…are surprising and amusing, the story’s true heart comes from Switcheroo’s struggles navigating family and friendship dynamics, and learning to trust himself.”

-Publishers Weekly

“A winning combination of adventure, comedy, and whodunit!”

-LINCOLN PEIRCE, New York Times bestselling author of Max and the MidKnights and Big Nate.

“I never thought being a superhero could be so funny–and so heartwarming! A wonderful tale that proves there’s more than one way to be a hero.”

-VARIAN JOHNSON, award-winning author of Twins and The Parker Inheritance.